1 Jun 2012
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Political Issues in Malaysia

Today i would like to post something that may be seem so serious. But, if you read with strong heart, it will seem nothing, but just a ordinary thing that happen almost every country in this world.

Politic today is based on Democratic but in Malaysia, we use monarchy-democratic system that a king called AGUNG will rule all the state, but Prime Minister from a winning pary, will do what ever Parliament want to do. Malaysia politic system almost alike British system politic based.

Yet, Malaysia is ruled by British empire over than 100 year in colonial era. That why, they leave Malaysia to seek independent but must rely on British system. So, Malaysia and England seem alike a bit.

But, today, politic seem so boring. Parties in Malaysia try to seek the victory by all the means. In Malaysia, we have two (2) Union of Parties. One, called Barisan National. It was a current Government axis. Other one is called Pakatan Rakyat, the challenger of Government axis .

Every 5 year of ruling, a election must be done. Now, 2012, Malaysian will select their favorite party in PRU 13 (Pilihan Raya Umum 13 / General Election 13th).

But, recently, it seem this two (2) axis/union of parties become so aggressive.  They will use all the means to make the victory is their. Today, malaysian can read Porno in general newspaper because it seem legit (trying to shame other Union and try to get vote from RAKYAT@civilian). Also, the people gathering that use political act will see as guilty because this kind of gathering is represent 'terror to civilian'.

Other side of Union, try to discover all the old issues of country and it seem like to sell the important information to outside. Also, this Union use liberalism and unity as their slogan but it cannot  applied to this country except, change mind-set of Rakyat, and then bring it worldwide by align it to religion based. If this not followed, the huge riot will happen.

The matter of Malaysia is the different in mind-setting and subliminal implanted idea of racism from the beginning. The true unity cannot be helped except this kind of problem must be solved. And then, the clean and fair election will be done.

So, hard to change people mind, because, if we trying to change our-self, it so difficult. It is so ease to command people to obey you, but it so hard to command your self to obey your order. So, political issues is not the problem that happen because the differences but it came from self. So blindly trust people, lazy to check the right information, blindly trust main media to be our main information center without asking it, either it right or wrong.

Well, perhaps, next General Election will be surprise? Who know. Let hope, Malaysia will become great ASIAN country.

Note: Sorry for my bad English. I try to learn :P

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