13 Mar 2012
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K-pop: Running Man filming in Malaysia secretly

i want to expose something that will exploded your heart and mind. Yes, i telling you about RUNNING MAN, the famous variety show of SBS, a Korean Channel; have been filming RUNNING MAN in MALAYSIA, secretly.

I found them while i bicycling to my house after spend my day around the town. Then, i saw a bus, and clearly it JONG KOOK face watching me inside the bus. I just ignore it because i thought it was my delusion.

After a while, i stop to cycle, and i see the bus again, YES, THAT RUNNING MAN with a GUEST. I cycling my bicycle and something magic happen, they do stop the bus and let me in. Yeah.. it was public transportation.

Luckily, there not many of passagers on the bus, so, i just getting near to RM crew and i saw them chatting among themselves. Then JONG KOOK saw me and ask me to come near him. I so doubtful what is going on. They say, it a mission.

As i remember, JONG KOOK team up with Ji HYO and Big Nose Brother. The mission is to ask Malaysian about something without say it in english. It so LOL.

After JONG KOOK team, GARY - HAHA - Guest (i dont know, but it was female) take place. Asking Malaysian women about Malaysian food, i guess. Next was, GWANG SOO - JEA SUK - male guese.

I ask the PD's, why they not publish about filming in Malaysia. They said; it was huge thing, so they wont let the fan know or they will cancel the schedule because Malaysia fan is so huge, waiting so badly, RM to come over here (Malaysia).

After the mission at the bus, the filming is over. Next mission, i dont remember but they said, go some where at the beach. It like a SURVIVOR GAME.

Then, something weird happen. I hearing someone calling my name. It so soft. first, I thought it was JIHYO or famale guest, but it wasn't. I focusing to that voice. I close my eys and pufff~

It just was a dream..
Arghh... it not real.
But, anyhow, it was the clearest and realest dream ever about RM. And that was my second dream. He3~
Well... that the secretly filming of Running Man in Malaysia. Very secret things but i expose it, just for you.
Thank you for read this :D

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FatinKpopLover mengatakan...

OMG for real???


Anonim mengatakan...

don't bluff lah wehhhh

Daksyah mengatakan...

it's just a dream!!i thought it was real -___-" pfft..

Anonim mengatakan...


ct kamaliah mengatakan...

damn...i though it was real...

Rossyalina puteri mengatakan...

WTF?? Just Dream??ERH! I THOUGH THAT WAS REAL!!!!!!!

Anonim mengatakan...


Anonim mengatakan...

what a good dream
i always imagine mysef as kim jong kook
but anyway your story were s funny

Anonim mengatakan...

punya la exited aku baca, pastu rupanya aku kena tipu....damn la....

Anonim mengatakan...

English do je best.